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Perform an internet search for yoni gottesman to find out more about WCAC, the new owners and management of the Ogden Athletic Club.16.1 million dollars were awarded (May 2009) to the plaintiffs (parents) in the drowning of their 4 year old boy at the first day of an unlicensed summer camp at one of the West Coast Athletic Clubs in California.

Watch the actual 13 minute videotape of the drowning and read about how the owners/management quickly shifted ownership and management to distance themselves from liability. Where did they get the resources to purchase the Ogden Athletic Club?

Why are they purchasing a club in another state?Will you trust your children with this ownership after visiting the website above and seeing how they dealt with previous club members?

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Jim Knell, How is the Ogden Athletic Club working out for you now?Rumor has it Lindsay is looking for his own place, Travis is very unhappy with the situation, Kyle and Rod have never been more dissatisfied, the entire world knows what happened to Chris and even Becky is fed up with the fact her "potential income" has been compromised!

(Oh, did Bryan Dugger forget to mention that minor detail? haha)WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND? Remember Yoni Gottesman, you know, the 4 year old entrusted to you and your unlicensed health club staff who drowned at one of the clubs you were involved with in California?

Readers just need to google "yoni gottesman" to read the FACTUAL information about you and your circumstances with this absolute unnecessary tragedy exasperated by all of the defendant's actions after the fact.

$16.2 million is a huge judgement to try and escape THE FRUITS OF YOUR LABOR!

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